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Learning Web 2.0
Blogs Wiki’s, RSS and XML. The Web 2.0 movement has ushered in a host of new technology and business opportunities that can leave one feeling dizzy and confused. This article attempts to unravel the mystery of Web 2.0.


How to Blog without a Blog
Blogging is hard work so why not tap into the audience of other bloggers? This article shows you how to figure out where your target markets are hanging out on the internet and how to appropriately participate in the conversation.


Why doesn’t eMarketing Seem to Work?
With so many ways to market your business online why is it that nothing seems to work? You’re probably making one of the three false assumptions, falling for false promises and not paying enough attention to the most important aspect.


How Crowdsourcing Supports Coworking
Two words that sound similar and are indeed connected. Related to alternative work methods, coworking and crowdsourcing allow groups to join together to solve problems and create business value. This article attempts to defines these trends and explores the ways in which they are connected.


Are you ready for online project collaboration?
Getting overwhelmed trying to manage projects using email and spreadsheets? As part of the Web 2.0 movement there is an emerging trend called project collaboration that allows others to share, manage and coordinate on small and big projects alike.


Learning RSS and XML
We now have tools and technologies that can deliver content directly to our desktops, web browsers or mobile devices. Using new standards like RSS allow the automatic delivery of news, events, or any kind of interesting timely information.

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